Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi

Match 8 of Pro Kabaddi Season 7 will see winless Telugu Titans take on Dabang Delhi. We will look at the key factors that will decide the contest.

Titans faltering defence vs Delhi’s raiders:

Telugu Titans went into PKL 7 with a strong looking defence. Led by Abozar Mighani and Vishal Bhardwaj,  Farhad Milaghardan and C.Arun in the mix. The defence on paper has quality and experience. Sadly, for Telugu Titans the defence has struggled in the first 2 matches making silly tackles and gifting points to opposition raiders. Titans have a tackle success rate of just 37.50 – 2nd worst in PKL 7. They are coming up next against Dabang Delhi who have Meraj, Naveen Kumar and Chanran Ranjith in their ranks. They will take full advantage of any slackness in the Titans defence.

Merah Sheykh

Will Siddharth Desai find form against Delhi?

Sidharth Desai has so far struggled for form in Pro Kabaddi Season 7. But if one opponent the giant raider would have wanted to face right now it would have been Dabang Delhi. In Pro Kabaddi Season 6 Sidharth Desai scored 40 raid points against Dabang Delhi, his most against any opponent. “Baahubali” Desai had a raid strike rate of 83.33 against the capital outfit his most against any opponent. Delhi simply struggled to contain Sidharth Desai in PKL 6 and Telugu Titans fans will hope Sidharth Desai continues his fine record against Delhi to lead the Titans to their first win of Pro Kabaddi Season 7.

Siddharth Desai


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