What went wrong with Tamil Thalaivas ?

After assembling a star-studded squad Tamil Thalaivas were expected to reach the play-offs for the first time in 3 years and seriously challenge for a place in the finals.  Unfortunately for the Tamil Thalaivas fans, Tamil Thalaivas after a bright start once again disappointed and finished last. We look at the reasons for their poor showing.

We look at the reasons for their poor showing: Tamil Thalaivas

Failure of Ajay and Rahul: Ajay Thakur and Rahul Chaudhari were a match made in heaven. Both suffered from a lack of support and their acquisition in the same team was a God send for each of them. However, Ajay Thakur was a complete disappointment looking a pale shadow of himself. “Showman” Rahul Chaudhari was better than “Ice-man” Ajay Thakur but he was also ultimately a disappointment. Both the star raiders kept on getting tackled in 3 and 2-man defence failing to finish teams off and putting pressure on the team.

Defensive failure: Tamil Thalaivas started Pro Kabaddi Season 7 well thanks to their brilliant defense. Naveen failed to score a super 10 in only one match that was against Tamil Thalaivas. The brilliant Pardeep Narwal managed just 1 raid points against Tamil Thalaivas. In their first 10 matches only Pawan Sehrawat managed a Super 10 against Tamil Thalaivas. However, after the home leg Tamil Thalaivas defence got worse with the injury to their defensive stalwart Manjeet Chhillar a huge factor of their defensive malaise. The experienced Manjeet never recovered to full fitness and by the time the Pro Kabaddi Season 7 ended Tamil Thalaivas had the worst defence.

Failure to finish teams off: Tamil Thalaivas started the games well but struggled to finish teams off. Tamil Thalaivas were the worst teams in 3 and 2-man defence consistently gifting 2 points to the opposition. Failure to finish teams meant they rarely took leads which would have given them confidence. Due to their failure to finish teams off their matches went till the last few minutes where despite being experienced Tamil Thalaivas made fatal mistakes which resulted in them being all-out in the final minutes without having the chance to come back.


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