Let’s look at the SWOT analysis of last season’s champions Bengal Warriors


Strong Raiding Unit: Bengal have the likes of Maninder Singh, Nabibakhsh and also have experienced raiders like Sukesh Hegde and Rishank Devadiga in their ranks. The variety of raiders in the Warriors ranks makes them a formidable outfit.

Rinku Narwal: Left Corner Rinku Narwal played a big role in helping Bengal win their first ever title and is the only defender retained from the title winning team. If Bengal are to make an impact in PKL 8 then Rinku will once again have to lead their defence.


Defensive concerns: Apart from Rinku, Bengal do not possess any defenders which can inspire confidence, right covers Vijin and Darshan have struggled for consistency although Darshan possesses power but his decision making lets him down regularly. Left Cover Parveen has also struggled with consistency in his short PKL career. Right Corner Abozar struggled badly in PKL 7 and will need to up his game significantly in PKL 8.


Chance for their covers to shine:

Parveen and Darshan have shown flashes of their quality but have struggled with their timing and decision making. Both were written off, but the Warriors have given them a lifeline to cement their status as mainstays of PKL.


If Bengal’s defence struggles, then they might have a tough time:

Last Season Bengal’s defence was inconsistent but were bailed out in crucial situations by their corners and the experienced Jeeva. In PKL 8 Bengal have in their rank’s rash covers and a right corner who badly struggled in PKL 7. If Bengal’s covers continue to struggle and Abozar does not regain his form, then Bengal will have to rely on their raiding to bail them out.

The Support Raider Question:

In PKL 7 Bengal had Prapanjan who was a vital cog in their raiding, Prapanjan’s presence allowed Maninder to raid freely and Nabibakhsh to operate freely. Whether Sukesh and Rishank can consistently provide the support to Maninder is another question.


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